Help people across China meet Jesus in His Word!

Across China, people are spiritually hungry. The Church is growing by the day. And thousands upon thousands of Chinese simply don’t have access to the Scriptures.

Your gift today will make a significant and lasting impact – as you provide God’s Word to Chinese seekers and believers across the country.

Biblica’s pioneering Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) is the first version of the Scriptures in modern Chinese. And it’s the only version that’s easy to read and accessible for all, especially the new generation of young believers.

Lives are being transformed as people open up the CCB and understand the Good News of Jesus for themselves!

Your gift today will help...

  • Provide 30,000 copies of the CCB
  • Equip 3,000 church leaders through seminary training using the CCB
  • Reach 120,000 others through CCB digital platforms

These vital programs will cost $214,000. Only with your support will we be able to seize this wonderful opportunity together to impact China for Christ.

Thank you for your generosity!