Challenge Grant makes your gift go twice as far to help persecuted believers in India!

Christians in India desperately need support and prayers. They face harsh persecution from radical groups – and the government has yet to step in to stop this injustice.

  • Pastors are being chased from their communities.
  • Christian children are being kidnapped and killed for not renouncing their faith.
  • Followers of Jesus are being dragged from their homes and forced to bow before Hindu idols.

Now more than ever, persecuted Christians in India need God’s Word. We must take it to them while we still have the opportunity!

The need is so great that generous donors have stepped forward with a $25,000 Challenge Grant to make your gift go twice as far.

Remember, your gift of $40 will provide 10 Bibles… $80 will provide 20 Bibles… and a very special gift of $400 can mean 100 Bibles are put into the hands of suffering believers.

So thank you for giving your best gift below that will go twice as far because of the Challenge Grant… to help persecuted believers in India know Jesus more intimately and be powerfully transformed by His Word.