Give the hope of God’s Word to vulnerable women and children

Marginalized women and children desperately need unshakable hope for this life and the next!

Your gift below will help lift many out of despair, by giving them God’s Word in their heart language – and transforming the lives of women and children like…

  • Adanna and her children who had to flee their home because of Boko Haram attacks. She’s one of 3.3 million internally displaced people in Nigeria living without adequate food, water, or shelter in squatter camps.
  • 10-year-old Reem and her family who arrived at a refugee camp in Lebanon after fleeing the war in Syria. At the camp, she’s required to attend daily classes on the Koran, where a tyrannical sheikh shouts and physically abuses the students.
  • 23-year-old S’ne who’s been ostracized by her community in South Africa since she got pregnant as a teenager. “Everyone talks about me and my bad choices,” S’ne says. “I tried to go to church, but I was rejected even there.”

The only way the world’s most vulnerable women and children will experience real hope is by having God’s Word in a language they understand.

So thank you for your gift below to help bring God’s Word and life-changing discipleship programs to women and children who long for hope in their heartbreaking conditions.

Thank you for helping make all things possible through your support today!