Give a Bible and see a life transformed!

All things are possible with the Word of God!


When you give people all over the world access to the Bible in a language they understand, you’re providing them access to the Word of Life – Jesus Christ. And when Jesus gets a hold of someone’s life, He transforms it!


The best part is that your gift below will be doubled by a Matching Grant to help translate and distribute Bibles that are easier to understand and faster to receive through our worldwide partnerships!


Just $4 sends 1 Bible – but when combined with the Matching Grant, every $4 you give sends 2 Bibles.

This means your gift of…

  • $80 provides 40 Bibles instead of 20.
  • $160 provides 80 Bibles instead of 40.
  • $480 provides 240 Bibles instead of 120.
  • And an especially generous gift of $1,600 will now send 800 Bibles.

With God’s Word, all things are possible – so thank you for giving a Bible to transform a life!