You can bring the hope and wholeness of Christ by providing God's Word!

When Kattamma arrived at a mission hospital in India, she was destitute and desperate.

Her family had spent all their money on treatments, temple rituals, and pilgrimages. But nothing had brought respite. Nothing brought peace.

            Until the day she was given a copy of God’s Word.

As she opened up the Scriptures, Kattamma also opened up her heart to Christ – and found deep peace and eternal hope in Him. Today, a small house church of five newly converted families meet for worship in her home!

You can place God’s Word into the hands of patients, like Kattamma, who arrive in the thousands each day at mission hospitals across India – not only searching for medical help, but also desperately seeking hope and comfort.

It’s vital that you help close a $32,000 funding gap so that 100,000 copies of God’s Word can be printed and distributed to mission hospitals in India.

Please respond today – because we don’t know how long this remarkable window of opportunity will remain open.

Thank you for your generosity!