Help reach billions of people with their own translated Bibles

All around the world, billions of people are crying out for a Bible they can read and understand in their own language. Just imagine the impact of meeting that need!

Thanks to a $90,000 Challenge Grant to launch a 60-day initiative called Imagine to expand Bible translation projects, your gift today will go twice as far to help advance translations in major languages worldwide, including…

  • Indian Tamil Revision for 76 million speakers;
  • Contemporary Burmese Version for 43 million speakers;
  • Nepali Version for 15 million speakers; and
  • Contemporary Lao Version for 4 million speakers.

Through these four projects alone, there’s the potential to open God’s Word to more than 138 million people!

And that’s not all. Once these translations are finished, over 3.6 BILLION people will have access to God’s Word in their own heart language.

Thank you for giving generously today to help translate and send Bibles to billions of people who are desperately crying out for more of Jesus.