Former inmate Howie says, ‘What does the Bible mean to me? Everything. It has breathed life into me!’

For so many inmates, prison is a place that’s utterly devoid of hope. Millions of men and women behind bars right now are wrestling with their guilt, loneliness, fear, and shame.

But this means prisons are a ripe harvest field for the Gospel. Because those who reach rock bottom have nowhere else to turn. They’re desperate for hope… for forgiveness… for a new start.

That’s why your gift today matters so much – because by providing Bibles for prisoners, you’ll give them the opportunity to encounter Jesus and find new life in Him.

That’s just what happened for Howie…


Ambitious plans are in place to distribute God’s Word to prisoners across three continents in the coming months. Your support will help make it possible to:

  • Distribute 10,100 copies of Biblica’s special Free on the Inside translation, containing easy-to-read text and prisoner testimonies, to inmates across the USA.
  • Reach 12,000 prisoners in India with True Freedom Gospel booklets and full Bibles, in six strategic languages of the subcontinent.
  • Deliver 2,000 Bibles to inmates in Zimbabwe, each containing a Hope for Prisoners evangelistic tract.

These projects are critical. But right now, there is a $54,333 funding shortfall – which means these Bibles will only be delivered if friends like you step out in generosity today.

Thank you for your generous response to set prisoners’ hearts free in Jesus’ name!