Give a Bible and transform a life like Hania's today!

Today, you can put God’s Word in the hands of a Muslim seeking Christ – like Hania. 

Our teams met Hania in a refugee camp. Pregnant and with three small children, she told us her husband was being investigated for helping ISIS. Our team member shared the Gospel and prayed with Hania as she received Christ. Hania said…

“My husband and I always hated Christians. But when you talked to me, it felt like a stone was lifted from my chest. I felt peace. When you prayed, I couldn’t stop crying because I saw the blackness of my heart, and your love for me.”

Your gift today will…

  • go twice as far to help put God’s transforming Word in the hands of Muslims seeking Christ like Hania,
  • help reach Biblica’s goal of putting Bibles in the hands of 5,000 Muslims seeking to know Jesus,
  • help provide translations for God's Word in all the languages spoken by Muslims on every continent of the World, and
  • combine with the generous $10,000 Challenge Grant to send twice as many Bibles to people who are leaving Islam and converting to Christianity, no matter what price they must pay!