Arm our Military with God's Word

Members of our military are requesting Bibles now – and your help is needed to meet the urgent demand.

Col. Will Hensen, a military chaplain, explains just how much God’s Word is needed.

Soldiers are hungry for God’s Word – especially in a combat zone.  They’re looking for faith and resilience to overcome the challenges and the fear of dying.  [On the field] there wasn’t a day I didn’t have somebody asking for a BibleWhat a terrible thing it would be for a military chaplain to run out of Bibles.

Please give below now and help provide 5,000 Military Bibles to service members. Remember, we can only print and distribute as many Bibles as you make possible.

So please give generously, knowing that your gift of:

  • $7 provides 1 Military Bible to a service member
  • $35 provides 5 Military Bibles to service members
  • $105 provides 15 Military Bibles to service members
  • $210 provides 30 Military Bibles to service members

With Memorial Day coming up, there’s no better way to honor our troops than by arming them with God’s Word.

So thank you for giving generously below. Your quick response is critical in reaching them before they’re deployed to fight for our freedom!

Thank you!