Help transform more lives like Ling’s through God’s Word

Ling shared her story with one of our field workers…

“I’d been holding grudges toward God for many years. Ever since I was raped, I complained to Him, asking why He did not protect me, or why I was born into such a poor family…. I hated all people, including myself and God."

But a local pastor encouraged Ling to read God’s Word and trust He loves her. So she eventually began reading the Chinese Contemporary Bible.

“As I read more of the Bible,” Ling shares, “I began to feel God’s love from His Word. I started to learn to forgive. And though I did not understand many things, I trusted in my heavenly Father.”

That’s the redemptive power of God’s Word! And many more people in China and beyond, like Ling, need to receive the Word of God in a language they can understand, while there’s still time to act.

So thank you for giving generously to transform more lives – you’re making an eternal impact possible through God’s Word!