Get God's Word to more forgotten kids

They’re forgotten and vulnerable. Rejected and marginalized. Hurting and unreached. They’re only children, and they’re desperately looking for the hope found in God’s Word.

And that’s why Jesus calls on us in Matthew 19:14 to “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them…” (NIV).

Jennifer was one of those hurting kids. She lives in Botswana, and all her life she had experienced constant abuse at the hands of her family and teachers.

It got so bad that the 16-year-old attempted suicide multiple times.

But then she found the lasting peace she needed. She received a copy of God’s Word through Biblica’s Reach4Life program. Jennifer shares:

“I have found peace in God and have forgiven all those who emotionally hurt me. I am secure [enough] in God that what others say doesn’t move me. [Biblica] helped me experience the joy that I lacked by introducing me to a relationship with Christ.”


Now you can make God’s Word accessible to the youngest and most vulnerable around the world.

Your gift below will help reach the $1,204,611 campaign goal – and impact 1,982,250 kids by providing them with their own copy of the Bible.

Thank you for your support right now to lead more children to Jesus. Because through Him, all things are possible!