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New Year, New Goals!

As you can see from the report below, 2019 was a year of tremendous ministry—thanks to the many compassionate friends who joined in with their prayers and gifts. Millions of people discovered God’s love for them through His Word for the very first time.

But so many are still waiting!

That’s why we’ve set a challenge for 2020. Not just to grow, but to double and even triple the impact of some of our outreaches. Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Yes!

Your gift today will build on the momentum of 2019 to make 2020 a year of growth—so all will know the life-transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining in the Great Commission work today!


34 total translations in 2019 =
2 completed + 32 in progress

Translations completed:

Hindi (India; 615 million speakers)
Bengali (Bangladesh and India; 265 million speakers)

New Audio Bibles:

Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam
(Bangladesh and India)

2020 Goal: 32 translation projects in progress + 17 new projects = 49, with 10 completed

591,274 children and youth reached in 2019

2020 Goal: 1,749,481 children and youth

1,066,536 unreached people given God’s Word in 2019

2020 Goal: 5,239,875 unreached people

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