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$50,000 match: Your gift doubles!

Goal Met

You still have time to make double the impact for Christ in the Muslim world! Some generous friends have offered to match every gift we receive by April 30, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000.

That means your gift today can go twice as far to unlock the power of God’s Word by providing relatable, contemporary translations and Bible study resources. Why does that matter?

Did you know that in Nigeria, 6 out of every 10 people are under the age of 25? That’s double the percentage of youth in the United States. Sadly, problems like the AIDS epidemic robbed the nation of nearly an entire generation.

That means two things. First, the young people of Nigeria are searching for the guidance their elders aren’t there to provide—which has left many vulnerable to the brainwashing of extremist groups. And second, older translations of the Bible are difficult for them to relate to.

Now, Biblica’s contemporary Hausa translation is ready to reach 60 million Hausa speakers across Nigeria, Niger, and other portions of West and Central Africa. Only a tiny percentage of them are Christians, so the first 10,000 copies will be used for church planting and to minister to people displaced by violence.

The gift of Hausa Bibles in Nigeria can influence the future of an entire nation. Thank you for giving during the $50,000 match!


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